Passwords: Safeguarding Your Financial Information

In today’s digital age, managing your personal finances often involves navigating online banking, investment platforms, and financial management tools. While these technologies offer convenience and efficiency, they also pose significant security risks. One of the most critical aspects of safeguarding your financial information is creating and maintaining strong passwords. Let’s explore why strong passwords are […]

Thomas Tillery, MA, MSFS, AEP (Distinguished), CFP® to Speak at AICPA

Sunday, June 2, Aria, Las Vegas – Thomas Tillery, MA, MSFS, AEP (Distinguished), CFP®, a distinguished educator and esteemed expert in personal financial services, is honored to announce his participation as a speaker at the AICPA Engage 2024 conference. The event, renowned for bringing together leading professionals from the accounting and financial planning industries, is […]

Susan M. Tillery, CPA/PFS, AEP® (Distinguished) to Speak at AICPA Engage 2024

Sunday, June 2, 2024, Aria, Las Vegas – Susan Tillery, CPA/PFS, AEP (Distinguished) financial advisor and a leading practitioner of the unbundled virtual family offices and personal financial planning, is honored to announce her participation as a speaker at the AICPA Engage 2024 conference. The event will take place June 2-6, 2024 at Aria, Las […]

HSA – A powerful tool in the Personal Financial Planning Process

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are a powerful, yet often underutilized tool, used to manage healthcare expenses and build long-term wealth as part of the personal financial planning process. Understanding how to effectively incorporate an HSA into your personal financial plan can provide significant tax advantages and help you save for future medical costs. A Health […]

Paraklete® Financial, Inc. Expands its Presence in Scottsdale, AZ, with a New Office

Scottsdale, AZ – May 28, 2024 – Paraklete® Financial, Inc., a distinguished financial advisory firm, is pleased to announce the opening of its newest office in Scottsdale, Arizona. This expansion underscores the firm’s commitment to providing exceptional financial services and personalized guidance to clients in the Scottsdale community and beyond. The Scottsdale office is led […]

Things You Need to Know about a Qualified Personal Residence Trust

Personal financial planning can be a complex process, especially when it comes to managing high-value assets such as a home. One effective tool for minimizing estate taxes and securing your property for future generations is the Qualified Personal Residence Trust (QPRT). What is a Qualified Personal Residence Trust? A QPRT is a type of irrevocable […]

Understanding Sustainable Withdrawal Rates in Personal Financial Planning

Planning for financial independence requires careful consideration of various factors, including how much you can safely withdraw from your investments each year without running out of money. This concept, known as the sustainable withdrawal rate, is crucial for ensuring your financial independence. In this blog post, we’ll explore what sustainable withdrawal rates are, why they […]

Paraklete® Financial, Inc. Expands its Presence with New Office in Houston

Houston, TX – May 17, 2024 – ParakleteFinancial, Inc., a prominent personal financial planning firm, is pleased to announce the opening of its newest office in Houston. This strategic expansion reflects the company’s commitment to providing integrated personal financial planning services and virtual unbundled office services to clients in the Houston metropolitan area. The Houston […]

Personal Financial Planning at AICPA’s 2024 Engage Conference

The AICPA’s 2024 Engage Conference is right around the corner and is one of the premier personal financial planning events each year. Scheduled to take place from June 2- 6 in Las Vegas, this conference is the premier gathering for CPAs, financial planners, and business advisors. With a focus on personal financial planning, attendees can […]

Managing Uncertainty: The Personal Financial Planning Process

Currently, tax planning, including estate planning, as part of the personal financial planning process is uncertain given the Biden administration’s tax proposals, the 2024 elections, and record deficit spending on the part of government. The primary reason for this uncertainty relates back to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017, which made sweeping […]

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